Deuter Shelter 1



Deuter Shelter 1
ns. bivipussi yhdelle hengelle.  Ohessa valmistajan infoa tuotteesta:


Lightweight emergency protecton for one person.
For those who demand great wind and weather protection, but want to keep it simple and light, the new bivouac sacks are an essential.

In emergencies, climbers, trampers and adventurers appreciate the versatile Shelter 1 get yourself in, get your pack in or get yourself in your sleeping bag in for extra protection and insulation at night, or you can also use it as a tarp It comes in a bright emergency colour with a big reflective logo print.

Made from Deuter Ripstop-330, this technical 330-denier Nylon material is the perfect balance between durability and minimal weight. Thicker reinforcing threads woven into it give it that Ripstop look and technical shiny surface. It has a top quality PU coating and is the same as the material used for the Aircontact models.


Waterproof: 5.000 mm

– Central opening with drawcord closure

– Two openings with Velcro closure

– Four long loops

– Stuff sack with SOS label

– Reflective logo

Weight: 480g

Size: 70 x 135 x 220 (H x W x D) cm



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